HSC Modern History

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So, why myEd HSC Modern History?

myEd’s HSC Modern History online course breaks the HSC Modern History syllabus down into detailed tutorials to ensure that you have a strong conceptual knowledge of all syllabus points across National Studies - Russia and Germany, Personalities - Leon Trotsky, Albert Speer and International Studies - Conflict in the Pacific 1937-1951.

Importantly, our online HSC Modern History course focuses on developing your understanding of:

1Key information you need to know for each syllabus dot point

2How to analyse key events, issues and individuals for each topic

3Relevant historians that you can use for each topic

4How to respond to typical questions in HSC Modern History exams

You also receive access to over 500 carefully crafted practice questions, designed based on common questions found in HSC modern history past papers, and specific syllabus dot points to help you prepare for your Year 12 exams.

Ace your exams today with myEd.