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If you're studying legal studies as a part of your HSC, get the most helpful resources from myEd Online. Offering students across Sydney and NSW high definition video tutorials covering every syllabus dot point in the core topics of Crime and Human Rights, our course is taught by HSC Legal Studies state rankers and provides you with practice questions based on past paper HSC exams to help you excel. Our HSC online legal studies course focuses on developing your understanding of:

1Key information you need to know for each syllabus dot point

2The relationships between topics and how they are commonly tested

3Relevant cases and the key principles that you can use for each topic

4Likely areas of examination in the HSC and how to score maximum marks in these

5How to respond to typical questions in HSC Legal Studies exams

myEd Online's HSC legal studies tutoring comprehensively covers the entire syllabus of your course to ensure the best results are achieved. We offer 500 carefully crafted practice questions, designed based on common HSC questions and specific syllabus dot points. All HSC Legal studies online course material is available online, so you can conveniently access anywhere! Sign up with myEd today and study for your HSC Legal Studies online and ace your exams!

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Brendon teaches in a practical way which makes the subject easy and fun to learn about. Brendon has a humorous and witty tone that makes lessons more interesting and easy to understand. Brendon teaches a wider range of skills including how to answer questions & accelerated concepts which both helped me greatly to do well in my course, and this made me not only knowledgeable in my syllabus, but knowledgeable in the art of excelling in exams.

Geoffrey Wong