HSC General Maths

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So, why choose myEd to study HSC General Maths?

Recognizing that the most effective way to prepare for Maths it to do extensive work on practice questions, myEd’s HSC General Maths provides you with worked video solutions on every past HSC General Maths question across the last 4+ years (2008 - 2012) organized via the HSC syllabus, enabling you to cover the General Maths course in intimate detail, while completing powerful exam preparation.

Our HSC General Maths course makes studying for HSC Maths easier and more effective -

1Work through the entire General Maths syllabus by completing relevant past HSC questions

2Complete 4+ years of HSC past papers, a question & a dot point at a time - don’t get bogged down in trying to complete full past papers in one sitting!

3If you make mistakes on past HSC questions - watch worked video solutions that teach you how to solve the problem and improve your scores

4Target your weak areas of the HSC General Maths syllabus using our learning analytics and personalized study recommendations

You also receive access to over 500+ past HSC practice questions, connected to specific syllabus dot points to help you prepare for your Year 12 exams.

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