HSC Business Studies

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So, why myEd HSC Business Studies?

myEd’s HSC Business Studies course covers the HSC Business Studies syllabus in a highly structured way to ensure you have a strong conceptual knowledge of all four topics of the curriculum. Importantly, our HSC online Business Studies course focuses on developing your understanding of:

1Key information you need to know for each syllabus dot point

2The relationships between topics and how they are commonly tested

3Relevant case studies and examples and how they relates to the syllabus

4How to respond to typical questions in HSC Business Studies exams

You also receive access to over 500 carefully crafted practice questions, designed based on common questions found in HSC business studies past papers, and specific syllabus dot points to help you prepare for your Year 12 exams.

Ace your exams today with myEd.
What other folks say:

Lily started to help me with business studies midway through year 11. She was really helpful in adjusting to the ways I liked to study and adapting it to her ways of helping me with business. Lily made it understandable for me and made the studying for business interesting and fun! I really didn’t enjoy business studies at the beginning, but will a friendly helping hand and a simpler explanation I now really enjoy it!

Fiona Cameron

As I’m currently in my final year studying for the HSC extra guidance and help for business studies was needed to be able to achieve top results. Lily helped me refine my skills for business studies and helped me to achieve great results for my business studies assessments

Phoebe Osborn