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Study HSC Biology Online

So, why choose myEd’s online biology tutors?

myEd’s Biology course covers the HSC Biology syllabus methodically to ensure you have a strong conceptual knowledge of all core topics and options – including both first hand and secondary investigations. Importantly, our HSC Biology course focuses on developing your understanding of:

1Key information and theory you need to know for every syllabus dot point

2The relationships between syllabus dot points and how they are commonly tested

3Detailed explanations of first hand investigations and suggested results

4Concise and clear summaries of secondary investigations

5How to respond to typical questions in HSC Biology exams

In addition to having access to your own online biology tutor, you also receive access to over 500 carefully crafted practice questions, designed based on common questions found in HSC biology past papers, and specific syllabus dot points to help you prepare for your Year 12 exams. Ace your HSC biology exam online today with myEd.

Ace your exams today with myEd.
What other folks say:

Marc teaching’s style has been a major factor in helping me to adjust to the demands of my preliminary HSC year. His grasp of the Biology course means he is able to guide me through the subject step-by-step in a way that I can understand.  I believe that continuing to work with Marc will improve my results so that I can achieve my ATAR goal.

Paul Farah

I found that working with Marc on my Biology work has helped me to stay motivated and improve my overall assessment rank. Marc’s ability to clearly communicate key concepts has assisted me to understand the more complex areas of the Biology course and address my weaknesses in the subject.

Andrew Shomar