HSC Ancient History

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So, why Study HSC Ancient History online with myEd?

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myEd’s HSC Ancient History course breaks the HSC Ancient History syllabus down into detailed tutorials to ensure that you have a strong conceptual knowledge of all curriculum points across the Core Study - Cities of Vesuvius, Ancient Societies - Spartan Society to Battle of Leuctra 371 BC, Personalities in their Times - Xerxes, and Historical Periods - Greek World 500 - 440 BC.

Importantly, our HSC Ancient History course focuses on developing your understanding of:

1Key information you need to know for each syllabus dot point

2How to analyse key events and factors for each topic

3Relevant historians that you can use for each topic

4How to respond to typical questions in HSC Ancient History exams

You also receive access to over 500 carefully crafted practice questions and HSC ancient history past papers help you prepare for your Year 12 exams.

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What other folks say:

James was a really great tutor – I really struggled with how to argue in ancient before working with him. Now I’m ranked first! I’m confident that our work will translate into my HSC marks.

Taylor Stacey

I was totally failing Ancient and thought I was just bad at it. But now after working with James I’m getting 90%+ on all my essay questions and have finally leant how to remember dates!

Ben Gunther
Improvement to 90%+

I didn’t have much faith in my ancient teacher and James could relate to that. So we worked together with separate material and I ended up with 96 in my HSC!

Bella Johnson
Improvement to a 99.45 ATAR