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What other folks say:

Upon working with Rowan, I began to see results almost instantly... My HSC results were most surprising as I managed to achieve a ATAR of 97. Rowan has a clear system to teaching, which allows anyone to achieve success, as long as they follow the simple steps...

Ming Yu
33% Improvement and 1st in Grade

I began working with Rowan just after my Year 11 Half Yearly. At that point my marks were 85%. With regular sessions with Rowan, my marks improved and I achieved 95% in the Trials, and 99% in the HSC! My marks throughout the year improved an overall of 14%!

1st Place Economics NSW, 14% Improvement

Working with Rowan helped me to extend my knowledge with several concepts in Economics to a level at which my classmates had not achieved yet. Rowan’s method of communication coupled with his ability to easily represent diagrams & concepts was extremely useful in helping me achieve a Band 6.

Judd Sherr
98.75 ATAR, 12% Improvement

Rowan explains the concepts for Economics in a way that is far easier compared to what I learn in school, so that helps with learning the content. Working with Rowan has helped with essay writing as well as note taking & improving my exam technique which has always been a weak area for me.

Bronwyn Lee
ATAR 98, 15% Improvement

Working with Rowan has given me greater depth in understanding and a more 'complete picture' of things for Economics. I also received greater and more specific feedback especially in relation to essays. The best thing about Rowan is he knows so much about the subject.

Ashling Lee
ATAR 98.55, 12% Improvement