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What myEd-ers Have Been Saying

Jason M.

myEd is an innovative and productive tool which enhances the student learning process. I myself have found the interactive tutorials and videos to be thorough and highly helpful to fill in forgotten gaps of knowledge. The proceeding quizzes test and help to consolidate a students knowledge.

Carly W.

I love myEd, I find it so helpful! It's helpful as it can reteach students the core content of the syllabus when they perhaps weren't fully paying attention in class or just didn't understand it the first time round. MyEd is also helpful to make really useful study notes for any upcoming exams.

Swithen M.

I really like this method of learning. It's the first time I've tried anything like this and I'm glad that I did. I like how everything is explained in simple terms. Great job!

Georgia E.

I found the videos on the modules I have chosen to be extremely helpful. They outlined the syllabus in an easy way to understand. I learnt more in those 20 minute videos than a year in my class. The best part is that they went straight to what the HSC markers want, very direct in what they want which I didnt understand beforehand.

Matthew S.

This site is the best online resources for studying for the HSC I've seen so far

Tally G.

It's catchy learning. I like that I can nod my head to the beat of a catchy progression before having to think about anything. MyEd is well structured and relaxing.

Jason K.

Great website which has really helped me study, like the idea of telling us what to study next, so no procrastination.

Katherine P.

This site is great! Thank you so much, I can access videos on my phone, laptop and tab, so it's great!

Diana W.

The website is very clean and organised unlike my school notes that are hand written and extremely edious to go through. All of the information on the website are explained which has a large advantage over traditional textbook learning. I am able to replay to gain greater understanding.

Harrison S.

As a student who enjoys interactive challenges such as computer gaming, "myEd" stands out to me. I am also a student who writes crappy notes and summaries, so it is nice to follow an exact path through the syllabus dot points.. For me and I'm sure many others, "myEd" is a very effective way of studying. Thank you!

Karoline B.

myEd is such a useful resource as it it made so accessible and convenient for students to use. The sub-divided layout guided by the syllabus ms so helpful and the quizzes aid the retention of information. GREAT!!

Jackson T.

The information provided is clear and understandable even for the most complex concepts. In doing subjects such as physics and extension 1 mathematics complex problems arise regularly and My Ed provides exceptional and accessible information when it is needed. All in all a really great website!

Tanja S.

Great information and explanations. Follows the syllabus. Perfection!

John W.

I love how it allows the sharing of resources as well as quality videos and quizzes to test performance.

Rosannah F.

myEd is great is explaining exactly what you need to know, and shows you ways to study productively!!

Kate D.

I would recommend this site for everyone doing their hsc! especially for those that are auditory learners like me found myself procrastinating less since I discovered this website. Great website!

Ellysia O.

The video tutorials are absolutely fantastic!

Minami T.

For people who learn visually and auditory, it is a great website to use.

Mark De C.

Its a virtual teacher, very helpful!

Ben M.

It's the way I best study.

Maruf G.

I love how myEd is extremely interactive, not as boring and mundane as other "online tutors". It has a fun factor plus the video explanations.

Clare S.

It is really quite ingenious. It is an electronic way to track your progress and determine the areas still yet to cover. I'm really enjoying uses myEd as a study resource and it has been extremely helpful so far.

Chelsea B.

I love this website because it is helping me with biology which is one of the subjects I struggle at! It builds my confidence in understanding the content.

Nathan L.

Thank you so much for setting up a website like myEd, due to my circumstances it takes multiple explanations for me to understand a concept.

Penny R.

I found myEd really helpful when trying to start studying for my HSC exams. Like most, starting to revise is the hardest part for me, but once I got the ball rolling with myEd, studying became a lot easier and the weakest parts of my subjects for me that I needed to focus on became evident.

Bronte C.

You have helped a lot with understanding the key concepts of different modules of English. The information was delivered with clear, easily comprehended description and allowed for personal contemplation as well. Thank you!

Alison S.

Very useful in learning how to gain motivation, and the quiz style format reduces the dreary, repetitive and incredible lack of appeal of study notes.

Alex S.

I love myEd especially for English Advanced because it's so great to revise the content I've already learnt and really bring everything together so that it makes sense!

Jess Z.

It's a really helpful tool for people who find conventional methods of studying difficult, and allows for personal, customised study times.

Sophie D.

Great website that is invaluable to people studying the HSC.

George N.

The videos are great because I can pause and take notes when I want.