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Studying for the HSC can be tricky - you need to ace all 10 units, while overcoming procrastination & remaining motivated. myEd takes 8 years of research and makes studying for your HSC incredibly easy & effective - we help you learn the entire HSC syllabus, we tell you what you need to study next, we provide you with personal recommendations to help you improve & we keep you motivated & productive. 24-7.



Learn your entire HSC syllabus dot point by dot point in over a 1000 videos created by our HSC experts. Pause, re-watch, cram, or get ahead of your class. You choose your pace - never feel overwhelmed again.

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Test your knowledge through 1000's of quizzes covering common HSC 2013 exam questions. Re-take your quizzes to improve & develop powerful exam technique so you are never surprised by an exam question again.

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Unlock badges, earn rewards and stay motivated as you follow a personal study plan that helps you improve your weak areas on your journey towards your HSC. Say goodbye to HSC stress & say hello to HSC success!


"The advantage that myEd has is that it is much more interesting and I think more effective to learn from than just reading another textbook. myEd offers much more, it's just like having a teacher in the classroom.

So far it has really helped me to really grasp the concepts that we are learning. I'm really happy that I always have myEd as a resource to continue using throughout my final HSC year :)"

Lani Maher
Frensham School

"I love myEd because it allows me to go ahead of the class or go over what I've learnt that day in class to refresh and build upon my knowledge and understanding. I really like how each syllabus dot point is separated into a single video lasting 3-10 minutes that enables me to learn/cover them in moderation.

It gives me something to compare my notes against making sure I've covered the core ideas listed by the syllabus along with increasing my accuracy with thousands of multiple choices questions."

Jason Yap
Killara High School

"I love how the information is presented through the videos. It's more interesting to learn this way and I can pause the video whenever I want to take notes (or make a toilet trip haha).

I can repeat the videos countless times to revise before an exam, and when I do that, I can sit back and watch with my favourite snack in my hands! It was really helpful since all the syllabus dotpoints are there for us students to watch through. :D"

Rachel Tsao
Cherrybrook Technology High School

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